Reduced costs, increased productivity, streamlined processes.

Developed through years of experience and expertise in the office automation industry, Ricoh’s Office Consulting utilises specific reporting tools to analyse key areas of your printing environment across multiple levels, developing a tailored ‘print management policy‘ focused towards maximising productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Our consultants will invest the time and resources to develop a comprehensive report of your organisation’s office equipment and document network, detailing your fleet output environment, productivity, energy consumption and operational costs.

Using this data Ricoh Office Consultants will develop a tailored enterprise print management policy geared to deliver measurable and sustainable methods of how to:

  • Optimise your technology platform: produce more with less
  • Modify user behaviour: encourage efficient printing, minimise waste
  • Streamline internal processes: reduce time, costs and consumption

Resulting in:

  • 30%+ cost savings on all print expenses
  • 40%+ reduction in devices
  • 50%+ savings on print energy consumption
  • 25%+ reduction in paper consumption

Ricoh’s Office Consulting services will deliver direct cost savings and strong ROI to your organisation. Contact your nearest Ricoh consultant to find out about Office Consulting rates and how your organisation can take advantage of these services.

Contact us here or download the Office Consulting brochure here.